Stick tag, stick tag, who wants to play some stick tag? You grab a stick, chase others around, and laugh as they fall on the ground

Stick tag, stick tag, you need to get a stick at stick tag! Get it from the kitchen counter there, and poke others with it anywhere

Stick tag, stick tag, life's more fun with stick tag! It can hurt sometimes, but not alot, but you don't have enough time to see your blood clot...

Stick tag, stick tag, be the poker at stick tag! Its more fun when you have the stick, and make others feel things worse than a kick

Stick tag, stick tag, don't be a chasee at stick tag! With one poke, you will lose, and you might get a bump and bruise!

Stick tag, stick tag, there is lots of risk in stick tag! You can be hurt alot, but don't cry, when you play stick tag, you knew you could die...

Stick tag...stick tag...there's no real fun in stick tag...they go to the kitchen and grab a knife...while you literally run for their life...

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