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note: this is a PRIVATE rp between Periandlapis007 and I-Ship-Stevidot. Do NOT post if you are not one of these users.


Serendite: HAhaHahaaa....

"She hates you...she hates you..."

The words rang thru, SERENDIBITE's...head. She had turned into a serendibite thanks to the help of her evil, alternate self. Is she going to that route too...?

With only her alternate selves by her side, Celestite alone has to save Greigite, and get her back...

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Celestite hugged them as she kissed back while jade glared and pulled his Celestite closer to him.

Celestite:(CR)Jade I don't think....-


Celestite:(FW)Oh guys Stoppit don't make me blush.

The two Kiss HARDER

Serendibite: Well that was a total bust...what next?

Seren: Romance Experiments.

Celestite blushed."Can't we do this in Fusion wiki chat?

Celestites gem sparked she laid in the cell bleeding.


Seren smiled. "This is too easy..."

Two black nuclear beams shot at Celes (RE)

She died immediately.

They smiled, and crushed her gem

Angel:I'm a bird!

((I think you got the wrong thread there, bud...))

(Nope I didn't know how to reply!)

Celestite(FW):WERE BACK!

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